Sunset from my front porch

20 04 2014

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




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20 04 2014
John P Jordan

Cindy, Phil and I were coming home from dinner and nearly ran off of the road watching this sunset as we drove out Annandale road! I absolutely love the winter trees, and in silhouette against this color was incredible. I love sticks and am always picking up sticks I like on our walks. I was yelling “Look at all the sticks against the sky!” Phil says he doesn’t need a grandchild.

Beautiful shot. Take care, Ann

20 04 2014

Hi Ann! Loved your comment. We were just returning from photographing early spring flowers at Lewis Ginter and we kept looking for a place to get high enough to get a good shot of the incoming sunset colors….turns out all we had to do was park the car, walk up our townhouse stairs and voila! There it was, in all its glory!

20 04 2014

Love the,sunset. Don’t quite understand why Phil thinks he does not need a grandchild. Just sayin. Nicely captured. Je

20 04 2014
marina kanavaki

Pure perfection!!! 🙂

22 04 2014

Stunning colors.

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