Reminder: Green Spring Gardens Fall Fest!

4 09 2014

I’ll have a booth at the Green Spring Gardens Fall Fest on Saturday, September 13, 9 am – 4:30 pm. Stop by and see my botanical images. Below are just some of the many colorful greeting cards I’ll be selling.

Greeting Card Partial 1



4 responses

4 09 2014
Sandra dieLimburgse

A pitty I can’t see them in a bigger format … But what I can see they are all very beautiful and colourful. I wish you succes saturday and a happy time.

12 09 2014
Steve Schwartzman

Nice going, Cindy, and good luck with your booth.

That fallen petal (third row, middle picture) seems to be floating.

15 09 2014
Mary Ellen Ryall

How about selling me at least 10 of your cards. I know they will be show stoppers. Besides, I want to show your work to a photographer here. 133 Lawrence Street, 54E, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, The Spanish translation is ready for The Monarch Coloring Book. I just need to tidy up one more translator’s credit line. I need to have this published by end of November. It was supposed to be published by September 11, 2014, but we had a translator snaffu that has been merged now. Talk soon. Congratulations on today. Hope it was highly successful.

16 09 2014

Thank you, Sandra.

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