Announcing the debut of!

12 09 2014

It’s finally here—a REAL website for my graphic design business!

I worked remotely with a wonderful web designer from Arizona and it was such a great experience. If you want information about Ian Wright, my web guy, click on “Meet the Team” on the second page. I liked him so much that he’s my on-call web person when the need arises for clients! Meet the other members of my team, including talented wordsmith Nancy Dunham, marketing guru Brian K. Loflin and videographer Chandler Macik. They’re at-the-ready for larger projects when I need more hands on deck!

Stay tuned for a photography-only website just around the corner.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.06.51 PM



2 responses

12 09 2014
sue cummings

Wow! Congratulations! Now the entire world will know about you, your incredible talent and limitless creativity. I am thrilled for you and your team.

13 09 2014
Barbara Sullivan

I feel like an old grade-school friend of somebody I just noticed on the national news: I want to point and yell, “OMG, that’s Cindy Dyer–I KNOW her!!” I went straight to the USPS site and ordered a bunch of your beautiful stamps (which I learned about on your beautiful new website), and am now running through the Rolodex of my mind, which is unfortunately as out of date as that metaphor, to see if I know anybody in need of graphic design services.

I’m SO glad I saw this post (I’m still buried in teaching, and so far out of the blogging loop that I’ve had the impulse to just shut down my own neglected, withering site; instead, you make me want to write something). You are now officially an Inspiration, with the capital letter, because I see from the new website that your photographs are just one of many inspirational and successful endeavors.

I don’t know how you manage to do all that stuff! Maybe it’s the Texas royal blood? 🙂 I’m remembering that I have some Texas roots myself, so even when I’m short on inspiration, I should at least have enough grit to make it through my day without whining or wanting to fold, like my grandparents made it through the Great Depression by growing their own food, and through tornado season by hunkering down in the root cellar they dug in the dirt with their own hands.

Thanks for reminding me of that, even though you could not have set out to do so–your website, like your images, did indeed make me “pause and be touched by the magic and beauty that is always around us.” The ripple effect of motive is wide and wonderful, isn’t it?

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