Water lily stamps debut in Ohio on March 20

26 03 2015

Last week my water lily FOREVER stamps were unveiled at the Garfield-Perry March Stamp Show in Cleveland, Ohio. First photo: digital postmark first day covers and booklet of stamps; second photo: autographed program and cancelled stamps from First Day Ceremony: autographed by Jay Bigalke, American Philatelic Society, Editor of The American Philatelist; Paul Davis from U.S. Postal Service, who sang the National Anthem; Harold Chapman, President of the Garfield-Perry Stamp Club, who gave the welcome; remarks by Cynthia Druckenbord, Vice President of the Cleveland Botanical Garden; (then me!); and then Melvin J. Anderson, U.S. Postal Service Northern Ohio District Manager, and I got to unveil a giant poster with the water lily stamps (Third photo, shot by my dear friend Michael Powell).

The water lily stamps are available in booklet form at post offices across the U.S. You can also order them online.

Stamps in Booklet Form: LINK

First Day Covers (set of four): LINK

First Day Digital Color Postmark (set of four): LINK

Water Lilies DCP Keepsake (four digital color envelopes and stamp book): LINK

Water Lilies Press Sheet (with and without die cuts): LINK

Water Lilies Stamped Envelopes with Seals: LINK

Water Lilies Framed Stamps: LINK




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28 03 2015
Mike Powell

Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
Imagine what it would be like to have a half billion miniature copies of some your images making their way across the country in the form of postage stamps. Last week I was thrilled to travel to Cleveland, Ohio with my mentor and friend, Cindy Dyer and her husband for the first day ceremony for the Water Lily stamps that feature four of her photos.

28 03 2015
Jet Eliot

Congratulations Cindy–the stamps are truly lovely and I look forward to buying them. What a thrill for you! 😀

6 04 2015
Steve Schwartzman

That’s the way to go, Cindy. Congratulations.

6 04 2015
Steve Gingold

Congratulations, Cindy! Isn’t this great? Your art will be in mailboxes all over the U.S. We’ll definitely make these our next stamps.

8 04 2015

Cindy – I have been following Mike Powell’s blog for awhile now, and noticed that he said you were his friend and mentor. Therefore, I joined your blog as well. I was fascinated with the fact that your water lily photo’s were chosen for a Forever Stamp. What an honor for you! I can’t imagine how thrilled you must be :). I had to go to my local post office today to mail a package. On my way out, I noticed a large mat on the counter with photos of limited edition stamps. What did I see? Your water lilies!! I stopped dead in my tracks and said out loud: “those are Cindy Dyer’s waterlilies”!! The post office lady asked me what I meant, so I told her the story about you. She was absolutely amazed. She went through her supplies and found a magnet to hang up with one of your stamps on it and before I left she had made a nice little display :). I just finished printing our your posts about your stamps so I can show her the next time I go in. Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying a book of them myself! Congratulations, Cindy, on your beautiful photos being chosen. They are absolutely stunning.
Ginny Alfano
Cleveland, NY

9 04 2015

Hi Ginny, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I loved your post office story, too. I just told Michael and he just read your message just now. Please do send me a selfie with your stamps if you’d like to be part of my “stamp selfie” collage! My email address is dyerdesign@aol.com.

10 04 2015

Thanks, Cindy! I will do that and get it off to you over the weekend 🙂 .

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