Goodbye, my friend

2 04 2015

Rest in peace, my dear friend Fred Anzaldua. He was a part of our family for more than 20 years and will be missed more than words can say. He was the “host with most,” opening his home to celebrate my sister Debbie’s surprise 40th and 50th birthdays, and our mom and dad’s 70th birthdays. My dad called him “high pockets” because he was so tall. I shot this portrait of him several years ago and it’s how I will always remember him—that awesome head of hair, beautiful smile, boisterous laugh, spirit of hospitality to anyone who came to his house, and how he treated his friends. The world is a little less brighter today.




5 responses

2 04 2015
Stephen G. Hipperson

My deepest sympathies to everyone concerned.

2 04 2015

Sorry for your loss. May His memory always be a blessing to each of you who knew him.

2 04 2015

My condolences. May he go with God and may God grant you, his friends and family peace during this difficult time.

2 04 2015
marina kanavaki

I’m very sorry for your loss, Cindy. He will always live in your hearts. May he rest in peace.

4 04 2015
Mike Dyer

Regardless of anything out of my reach, Fred could and would get it for me. Yes, I called him high-pockets but only when females were within ear-shot. Otherwise I referred to him as “scaffold-ass.”

Cindy, your farewell to Fred was a beautifully rendered goodbye to a unique friend, “a man for the ages.” He will be missed and will always be remembered by everyone whose lives he touched.

PS: Please don’t scold me for calling him that other three-symbol word.

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