The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamp Project / Installment #5

19 05 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.” For Installment #5, we have my sister-in-law Ann (Kansas), friend-through-HLAA Juliette (Wisconsin), blog subscriber and new friend Heidi (California), my friend Martha‘s niece Erica (New York); former boss/mentor and friend Brian (Texas), Erica’s dad, Peter (New York) who is my friend Martha’s brother​, Martha’s mother Virginia (New York), friend-through-HLAA Marjie and her mother Judy (Florida), and a creative First Day Cover artwork submitted by Lloyd (North Carolina). Thanks for purchasing my water lily FOREVER stamps and sharing your mugs with me!

I’ll be announcing details on a contest to win a signed 20×30 gallery wrap canvas, which will be awarded to the person who collects the most selfies (need name/city/state of each) by an end date. Details to follow! Come on, stamp lovers—-get me those entries!

Installment #5



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