The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project / Installment #8

6 06 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.”

For Installment #8, we have friend and HLAA member Evelyn Gardner (Marysville, CA); my sister Debbie Talbert (San Antonio, TX); friend and HLAA member Judy Schefcick Martin (Jacksonville, FL); new friend Diane Kern (Washington, D.C.), Brandi Chism (Pearland, TX); Daniel Stroupe, son of my FB friend, Steve Stroupe (McCalla, AL); friend and director of Green Spring Gardens Mary Olien (Winchester, VA); friend and fellow photographer Jeff Evans (Falls Church, VA); my friend and Jeff’s mother Bobbie Evans (Memphis, TN); new friend Terry O’Connor​ (Woodbridge, VA); friend Sue Cummings and her friends Drew Handlon, Rosely Martins and Anna Wickizer (all from Huntsville, AL) with Tator (Brian Swinford), their Redneck Bus Tour guide in Nashville, TN (; and finally, my friend Angela Heath (Kensington, MD).

Installment #8



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