The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project / Installment #9

9 06 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.”

For Installment #9, we have my cousin Brandi Fletcher (Atlanta, GA); my cousin Deanna Jones‘ cousin Kay Carr and her husband James (Vernon, AL); my friend David Loethen‘s kids Bess, Emma and Noah visiting Rehoboth Beach, DE (Kansas City, MO); friends vacationing in Key West: Kevin Muchemore (San Antonio, TX), his daughter-in-law Chantell (Benton, LA), Chantell’s daughters Alissa and Brooklee, Kevin’s wife Kathy Muchemore (San Antonio, TX), her son Isaac and his wife Breanne, (Boston, MA), and Kevin’s sister Kelly and her husband Greg (Omaha, NE); and Jodi Thompson Pridgen (Fitzgerald, GA), wife of Jacob Pridgen, my cousin Gary Pridgen‘s son. The next 11 stamp-happy folks were recruited by my industrious friend Betty Ferguson (Denton, TX), while she was recently visiting her hometown of Takoma, WA—Stephen, Carrie, Brian, Beau, Ken, Meredith, Mitch, Barb, Blanche and Janet. And last, but certainly not least—my friend, deputy director of Hearing Loss Association of America, editor of Hearing Loss Magazine, hostess extraordinaire and Sneezeguard Heiress Barbara Kelley! (Great Falls, VA) (Check out Barbara’s entertaining blog at www.kelleyhospitalitycom)

Installment #9 Final



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