In the studio: Noah (the great color vs. b&w debate)

16 06 2015

I posted both of these photos on FB and took a poll to determine whether viewers like the original color or b&w conversion better. I got 33 people chiming in—Black and white won by 27 votes, followed by three in favor of color, two who liked both, and one who in lieu of choosing a favorite, asks, “Does he like older women?” Anyone out in the blog-reading world want to chime in?

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Noah in Chair



3 responses

16 06 2015
Carmen Cacalano
Hey that’s a great photo. I’m a painter so i have an eye. and i noticed, interestingly how if you look at the color photo and then the b&w and then back at the color one, the contrast between the white chair and the black slacks actually plays the eye back to the b&w. pretty neat as both together . =)

16 06 2015
Mike Powell

Like so many others, I like the black and white.

18 06 2015

B/W too.

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