Introducing Queso…

26 11 2015

Introducing “Queso,” the newest addition to critterfest! My sister Debbie and I were eating at a Moe’s Mexican Grill in mid-July when she was visiting. It was a Saturday night, about 9 p.m. I saw a woman in the outside patio feeding a small cat. I knew we were in trouble. Debbie asked her if she was going to rescue him but she said she had two dogs who don’t even like each other. So, I approached this little guy and realized just how tiny he was. He was probably about eight weeks old. No mama kitty around and no sign of other babies….in a plant bed outside a fast food restaurant in the middle of a big strip mall. No houses within sight. We didn’t know how he got there but he has a new home now. Since we found him outside a Mexican fast food place, and taking into consideration his coloring, we have chosen Queso as his name (and who doesn’t love cheese?)

It has been so much fun to record his growth with my iPhone 6! Here’s a sampling of photos from the night of his rescue in July (top two photos) to this Thanksgiving week (culminating with the cutest photo of him sleeping with his head on my wedge pillow).

My high school friend Aleida suggested that we build a screen door insert for the master bedroom (where he had been quarantined earlier). Her neighbor was an engineer and came up with the idea. It worked so well for her pet introductions that she’s passing on the idea. Michael built a frame with 2x2s and chicken wire, complete with handles to lift it in and out of place. It gave the boys a chance to see and smell him without beating him up! I’m now happy to report that, with the exception of a little growling here and there from the older boys, Queso now has the roam of the house (with some supervision, of course). Slowly but surely, Lobo and Pixel appear to be resigned to the fact that they have a new (obnoxious) younger brother!

Queso also has built quite a fan base on Facebook—so much so that my friend Carol has requested that he have his own page. I think that might just go to his head.

Queso Growing Up



2 responses

26 11 2015
Barrett Martha

Thanks Cindy,

Great pics. Great Kitty. Great name.



27 11 2015

He really is beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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