Congratulations, grasshopper!

13 02 2016

Congratulations to my dear friend Michael Powell for getting his photos published in a spread in the local Mt. Vernon Voice newspaper. He was out shooting at Huntley Meadows one cold morning and the co-editor of the publication happened to be there. He asked him if he would like his work to be featured in the newspaper. He had a two page spread available to fill and Michael had to get him photos pronto. Nice showcase for your work, grasshopper! You can see more of Michael’s work on his blog at

Michael Mt Vernon Voice



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13 02 2016
Mike Powell

Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
My good friend and photography mentor, Cindy Dyer, is spreading the news about the two-page photo spread of some of my recent photos that ran in a local community newspaper. What she doesn’t note is that she is source of constant support, encouragement, and inspiration for my photography as well as for my blog. Thanks, Cindy.

13 02 2016
Carmen Mezzacappa

WOW. Those are awesome.

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13 02 2016
cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Congrats to both of you! Cindy inspires many of us!

22 02 2016
Charlie@Seattle Trekker

Such a wonderful honor; so well deserved.

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