Blooming in my garden: Oriental lily ‘Stargazer’

3 06 2020

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.
iPhone 8Plus, Camera+2 app in macro mode






3 responses

3 06 2020
Jerry Eisner

Hi Cindy! The first and the third are my favorites! Composition lighting color texture and clarity are just perfect! You have truly documented some of G-d and nature’s most exquisite flowers for all of us to fully appreciate!! Thank you so much!!

3 06 2020
Reed Andariese

Nice Images Cindy! It is amazing what iPhones can do photographically now! I usually just use my iPhone 11 Pro as a general purpose camera for wider shots when I am using long lenses. I also use it a lot for large multi-image stacked panoramas. The built in pano mode has too much distortion and images look “bowed”. Again, beautiful flower images!!

11 06 2020

Thanks, Reed! I’ve been thinking about moving up from my iPhone 8Plus to the 11. Is the camera considerably better? When I go out to shoot flowers (whether in my garden or a local county park/garden), I always have the phone with me as well as my “big girl camera.” The depth of field is SO much greater with some flowers. I’ve actually had a 20×30 canvas made from a shot of crocus I did back in 2012 (with an iPhone 4, I believe). Canvas material is very forgiving, so it looked great–and no one would ever know it was shot on a phone! Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Would love to see some of your iPhone 11 pro stuff. Should I go to your blog to see them? Cheers!

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