“Hosta seeds” (NOT)

11 06 2020

A few weeks ago I shared a post about some unusual color hostas available from a FB ad. I took the bait and paid $12.95 (including shipping) for “200 hosta seeds” from a company called Garden Gate (apparently NOT affiliated with the magazine of the same name). My hostas in the backyard garden are gorgeous this year, so I thought, why not add some new varieties–and with those colors (which I admit seemed a bit suspect, but I was smitten already!) would mean color in the garden when nothing else was blooming. Plus, hostas are perennial and easy care plants. I’ve never seen a hosta seed and didn’t know whether they grew from seeds in the first place. Win-win, yes?

I then read reviews saying you will NOT get 200. You will NOT get actual hosta “seeds.” And there is no hot pink hosta in existence.

So I promptly wrote to PayPal and told them what I thought of this company. I was refunded just a few days later. Then today, I just got these “hosta seeds.” Not 200, by a stretch. But since they’re FREE and I’m curious by nature, I’m gonna plant them and let you know what transpires. (They look like tulip bulbs or something smaller. Someone commented and said they look like garlic cloves, which they do. No garlic smell, though.)

Also, the box was already open. Guess whoever tampered with the box saw “hosta seeds” and considered it a bust. Wish me luck on whatever these are. 😜

Just counted them….24.25 “hosta seeds.”

Hosta seeds



2 responses

11 06 2020
Eliza Waters

Oh, dear, scams are such a sad thing humans do to one another. I’d venture those are tulips. Hosta seed are about 1/4″ big, are black with papery ‘wings.’ They do grow from seed quite readily (my yard has quite a few seedlings, none of which look like the parent, instead are rather drab green things). Be warned that deer LOVE hosta, so must be placed where they can’t get at them.

11 06 2020
Birder's Journey

I look forward to seeing what comes up, Cindy! Good luck ☺️

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