Runnymeade Garden Club

25 07 2020

When my friend Elizabeth recently mentioned the flyer (on Facebook) that I sent out to residents when I started the Runnymeade Garden Club (eons ago), she described it exactly as I created it—little colorful squares with photos taken around my garden and in the neighborhood. I just came across the front and back covers of the brochure I distributed around the neighborhood. I have no idea what I did for the inside of the piece–will have to locate the file. But for now, here are the two covers. On the back cover, you’ll see a tabby cat in the lower righthand corner—that was my sweet boy, Jasper. I hosted the garden club for about four or five years (I don’t remember exactly how long), then needed to step back for personal and business reasons—I put a lot of time, effort and money into this wonderful group of “Weedettes.” It was just what I needed during those years, and I made many wonderful long-lasting friendships as a result.





2 responses

25 07 2020
Birder's Journey

What a bright and inviting back and front cover to this brochure! Looks like a delightful group. I’m sure you created as much enjoyment for all the other participants as you did for yourself.

6 09 2020

Thank you! It was a lot of fun (and a lot of work because I “go big or go home!”)

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