My Garden Photography Workshop at River Farm

9 09 2020

Yours truly is leading a garden photography workshop on Saturday, October 17, at River Farm, home to the American Horticulture Society!

What I’ll be teaching can apply to everything from a DSLR to a point-n-shoot to your smartphone.

The workshop is 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., with a lecture and hands-on guidance photographing in the gardens at River Farm. (I just attended a botanical illustration workshop a few weeks ago, so I know the social distancing/mask wearing is in effect there.) The event will be held exclusively outdoors under their big event tent. Their address is 7931 E Boulevard Dr, Alexandria, VA 22308.

If you’re local and want to attend, learn more in the link below!—non-members



3 responses

9 09 2020
Anthony Brainerd

are any of the photos “as taken”, or have they all been enhanced by a photo program?

9 09 2020

Hi Anthony, I do a little bit of sharpening in Photoshop (ALL digital photos need a bit of sharpening out of the camera). I almost always shoot in diffused light (or I diffuse the light with a handheld fabric diffuser), so the colors are as intense as you see them in person (no need to enhance!). Also, good exposures will help with that as well. Also, judicious use of depth of field helps the subject stand out from the background. So, other than sharpening a bit in PS, these are “as taken.”

9 09 2020
Eliza Waters

A beautiful set of photos, Cindy, you use contrasting colors so well. Sounds like a great workshop!

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