Joanie Simon and The Bite Shot

11 09 2020

I stumbled onto Joanie Simon’s youtube channel, “The Bite Shot,” which deals with food photography. She is an amazing presenter and an engaging teacher. I’ve done a wee bit of food photography (for Celebrate Home magazine, which I co-created with my colleague Barbara), but I was, to be honest, not 100% confident with it, although I did enjoy the challenge. Even if you aren’t interested in shooting food, watch one video and you may find yourself obsessed with shooting food! I discovered her last week and have already watched a dozen videos. She knows her stuff and she is so engaging. I would love to translate those qualities into my own garden photo presentations with this much ease. She is phenomenal!

(Also, wish I had the courage to chop my hair off like hers and paint a teal streak through it. Do I dare?) 😉



3 responses

12 09 2020
Eliza Waters

Good share… thanks, Cindy!

12 09 2020

Girl, you would ROCK a teal streak!!! Miss you! Sherry

13 09 2020
cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Teal streak? Oh yeah. And, this is a cool video series

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