Bearded iris blooming in my garden

8 05 2021

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved. (iPhone 12 Pro Max, Camera+ 2 app in macro mode)



4 responses

8 05 2021
Molly C C


9 05 2021
Eliza Waters

Lovely portraits, Cindy!

9 05 2021
Reed Andariese

Very nice series of images Cindy! Enjoyed seeing them. They really stand out with the black background!!

11 05 2021
Jazz Jaeschke

Cindy, these are gorgeous! Are you connected to the Iris Society? They post a daily iris image as digital jigsaw – something I have made routine bedtime practice this past year. I’m often annoyed by the background detail in the puzzles – its those curling petals, the colors that take me into dreamland.

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