In the studio with Michael Powell

22 06 2021

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22 06 2021

Nice portret of Michael who’s informative blogs I like very much.

22 06 2021

My now 7 year old Grandson and I have been followers of “Mr. Mike” since Benjamin was a toddler. Knowing that this post would be enjoyed, I immediately showed it to him. He wants to type his own message for you below :
“This is an awesome photo of Mr. Mike! I love it! Thank you Miss Cindy.” Benjamin.
I agree! Thank-you for sharing!

22 06 2021
Mike Powell

Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
If you read the title of this posting before you saw the photo, you might have assumed that I was the one behind the camera in the studio. In this case, however, I was the one in front of the camera.

Cindy and I share a studio space with a video production company. When we moved to a new and much larger space last year, one of our goals was to expand her portrait shooting. The pandemic restrictions, though, have severely limited the number of opportunities for her to shoot portraits.

Cindy is a really talented photographer and over the past year we have talked about doing a colorful photoshoot to help me celebrate Pride month. This past Sunday we did that shoot and Cindy also took advantage of the opportunity to do some more formal shots of me, like this one, and even some crazy action shots. (You might see some of them in the future.)

I do not consider myself to be particularly photogenic and am not really comfortable in front of the camera. Cindy gently guided me through a series of poses that occasionally felt awkward, but looked really good.

I really like the way that this shot turned out. As I commented in Facebook when Cindy posted a similar shot, I really need to write a book now, because I already have a photo for the book jacket.

Thanks, Cindy.

22 06 2021
Laura (PA Pict)

This is a wonderful portrait of Mike.

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