In the studio with Michael Powell (in action!)

9 07 2021

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

When Michael P. and I were doing our fun portrait session last month in our shared studio, we decided to “loosen up” and get some silly shots. We were trying to decide how to show up the shoes (especially the soles) and not just by him sitting down. So the ever-energetic Michael came up with jumping and I must say I tired him out after about 20 shots! I told him to pretend he was a Rockette dancer and he should be very proud that he can kick his leg up THAT high at 66 years old (and in a suit, no less)! We knew the background wouldn’t hold his tall frame (especially when jumping that high), so we decided to share these anyway—consider them behind-the-scenes studio shots! Also, I’m not known for action shots, so there will be a technical learning curve if I pursue this type of portraiture…but we sure had fun creating the silly ones. Now if we could only build a cyclorama in the studio…..



4 responses

9 07 2021
Ted Jennings - TPJ Photography

And I thought my old black high tops were cool…. Little did I know 🤣🤣

10 07 2021
Jazz Jaeschke


10 07 2021
Suzanne- Happily Decluttered

I love these shots! I always enjoy Michael’s posts so this was great to get a behind the scenes look at his personality.

11 07 2021

I absolutely love these!

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