Shawna of the desert

7 11 2021

These are just a few of the shots I did of my friend Shawna Coronado when I visited her on my “Arizona or Bust 2021” road trip that began on Thursday, October 8 and ended when I returned to northern Virginia on October 25.

So before I embarked on my long road trip, Shawna texted me, “How do you feel about Annie Leibowitz? Would you feel comfortable doing something over-the-top creative?” She wrote the magic words every artist wants to hear.

(Behind-the-scenes notes: The velvet dress was purchased online for $30; the fabric was $4 a yard and I bought it just a few hours before I drove over to her house…I had no idea what I would do with it, but with that sunset-southwest-ombre palette, I knew I had to have it. Shawna brought the cool lattice chair from her house and we shot just after sunrise in a local park. Shawna calls her curls “wild child hair” and I thought it mimicked the wild cholla cactus behind her quite well.)

I did lots of promo shots for Shawna for her business and then we spent this day doing more “fantasy/experimental” shots for fun. These are two of those shots.

Isn’t that ombre fabric just perfect for this shot?

Who’s next? 🙂

© Cindy Dyer. All right reserved.



3 responses

7 11 2021
Jazz Jaeschke

WOW! Photos are stunning, quite the contrast between soft natural hues and brilliance of fabrics. Indeed the hair and cholla resonate. Amazing how well the two fabrics complement one another – similar hues yet distinctly different textures/reflectivity. What fun the two of you must have had! (Maybe some giggles captured in other photos?)

8 11 2021

Thank you, Jazz. We did have a lot of fun on this shoot. We were hauling stuff into the desert in almost zero light, awaiting the sunrise. I kept thinking, how do we know there isn’t a rattler watching us? 😉

8 11 2021
Molly C C

WOW , rate that five stars.. So elegant.

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