The Digital Story of Nativity (or Christmas 2.0)

20 12 2010

My dear Arizona-residing friend Jeff sent me this and just in case you haven’t seen it…..

Design Studio: Holiday Card

16 11 2010

Yesterday I photographed my friend Gina and her dogs, Lúc (left, shown howling at a passerby) and Gumbo (looking at me with his one good eye!), for her holiday card. Both animals were rescue/shelter dogs who had special needs—Gumbo had lost one eye to an infection and Lúc had to have a good number of his teeth extracted—but they have found a wonderful home with Gina.

Add a holiday gift border, paw prints (both purchased for a buck each from and manipulated/colorized to fit) and a greeting in French (she’s a Francophile and loves all things French), and voila—c’est manifique! Who needs Costco’s pre-printed holiday borders when you have me?

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