iPhoneography: Cover girl/boy/dog

14 12 2017

We visited our dear friends Tom, Holly, and sweet Bailey in their beautiful new home in Charlottesville, VA back in August and I shot some photos with my iPhone 6s while we were downtown. Holly submitted a photo for a publication in their Glenmore subdivision and thought they would be featured inside in the “welcome newcomers” column. The magazine arrived and they made the cover, too!

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Holly Tom Bailey Cover


10 02 2017
Meet Wrigley, my sister Kelley’s Australian Shepherd. Isn’t he handsome? (And he is so sweet, too. Great with the kids and the new kitty. And Kelley taught him to dance.)
iPhone 6s / Snapseed app
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Shilo & Scout

8 07 2016

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This is one of my favorite shots from the session. You can tell how much Scout adores Shilo!

WEB lorez Shilo Scout

Winter 2013 issue of Celebrate Home Magazine now available for digital download!

11 02 2013

The winter 2013 issue of Celebrate Home Magazine is now available for digital download in the links below. Click on either of the links below to download your FREE pdf copy of this issue. The first links is for single-page viewing (perfect for printing off your favorite recipe!); the second link is set up for “reader spreads,” so you can see the magazine in spread format (my favorite!).

The more clicks we get, the better we do with promoting and getting advertising! We thank you for your support.

Single pages version: Celebrate Home Winter 2013

Reader spreads version (my favorite!): Celebrate Home Winter 2013 Spreads

You can order a print copy of the magazine (at cost, plus shipping) here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/513977

Click here to view on issuu.com.

On the cover: Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, award-winning Impressionist painter from San Antonio, Texas

CHM Winter 2013 FInal Cover

In this issue:

Winter-inspired lovelies for you and your home.

Delicious Pops of Color
Easy on the eyes, the Hedstrom house takes advantage of light-filled views with clean lines and engaging color.

Living the Fairy Tale: To Quit or Not to Quit?
Mothers share their struggles with jobs and families.

Bowls of Comfort
Take the chill out of winter with our filling soup recipes!

A Wintertime Dessert Party
Pair wine and desserts for elegant and easy entertaining.

Green Chicken: Creating a Family Heirloom Cookbook
Create a cookbook that cherishes family recipes.

The Many Seasons of Beer
Beer aficionado Jefferson Evans explores the world of seasonal brews.

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Impressionist Painter
Always proud of her Colombian and Mexican roots, this artist’s passion is reflected in her colorful work.

Winter Photography Indoors
Stay indoors to photograph nature this winter.

How Much is That Doggie in the Window? Choosing the Family Pup

Think you’re ready to add a furry friend to your family? Here are some things to consider.

Every Picture Tells a Story
Discover five tips for decorating your walls with original art.

Bejeweled: Camilla Houghton’s Unique Ring Collection
What started as a gift exchange between two sisters expanded into a beloved collection of rings.

Ring Bling Box
Give your rings a new home with our easy craft project.

What Home Means to Me


Design Studio: Holiday Card

16 11 2010

Yesterday I photographed my friend Gina and her dogs, Lúc (left, shown howling at a passerby) and Gumbo (looking at me with his one good eye!), for her holiday card. Both animals were rescue/shelter dogs who had special needs—Gumbo had lost one eye to an infection and Lúc had to have a good number of his teeth extracted—but they have found a wonderful home with Gina.

Add a holiday gift border, paw prints (both purchased for a buck each from http://www.vectorstock.com and manipulated/colorized to fit) and a greeting in French (she’s a Francophile and loves all things French), and voila—c’est manifique! Who needs Costco’s pre-printed holiday borders when you have me?

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FAVE: Tim Flach Photography Ltd.

26 07 2010

I stumbled upon London photographer Tim Flach’s work a few months ago and requested permission to show this particular photo below (I want a dog with dreadlocks!) and link back to his site. Joanna Niklas, who works with Tim, told me about his newest project, DOGS-GODS, which explores and celebrates man’s remarkable friendship with the dog. The book will be a visual representation of the oldest human-animal friendship and a journey around the canine kingdom. The link below takes you directly to his website (and what a great opening!). Click on “Portfolio,” which begins with stunning images of dogs. The website itself is as fluid and luminous as his photographs.

While you’re on his site, be sure to click on the “Info” link at the top, then “Film,” and download director Chris Purcell’s Animal Planet documentary, Through the Lens of Tim Flach, Photographer.

(Note to Kathy and Kevin M.: Bet you wish I had gotten a shot like #43 of you guys with Kramer and Oatmeal before they went to their new home. Sigh…missed my chance! To learn more than you ever truly wanted to know about iguanas (and Kramer and Oatmeal, in particular), check out this posting by their babysitter, The King of Texas, here.


Chipper & Dude

29 04 2009

I met these two sweet canines—Chipper (the puppy) and Dude (the big guy)—last week in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were both out for a walk with their human, Christine, and her friend Jason. Chipper and Dude were just begging to be my next photographic subjects, so I happily obliged. How sweet are they?!

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Judy, Simon & Beyond the Garden Gate

28 04 2009

Sue and I met Judy and Simon while out window shopping in Little Rock last week. Judy is the proprietor of Beyond the Garden Gate, located at 5619 Kavanaugh Blvd. in The Heights section of Little Rock. The shop sells silk flowers, plants, trees, and unique decorating accessories. The one-year-old daschund serves as the unofficial store greeter and was such an energetic and sweet pup. Judy says lots of people return to see Simon but don’t always purchase anything because they get so distracted playing with him! I told her she needs to wear a t-shirt that reads, “Please buy something—Simon needs kibble!”

So if you happen to be in the area, stop by and see Judy, Simon, and all the wonderful items for sale. And for Simon’s sake, buy something!

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Matt and Cody

8 08 2008

I photographed Matt this afternoon with his 12-week old Golden Retriever puppy, Cody Hunter. Cody was born on Mother’s Day this year, May 11. Do they make ’em any cuter than these two? I don’t think so!

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Dharma & Kobie

25 06 2008

Dharma & Kobie (and their mom, Kayla) stopped to admire the front yard garden today and chat with me while I photographed bees swarming on the globe thistle, coneflowers, and butterfly bushes. I got these quick shots of these sweet dogs before they led Kayla off to continue their evening walk. What cuties!

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