In the studio with Mia Elise

4 03 2018

Mia is the granddaughter of my friends James and Irma in San Antonio. Their daughter Tess and son-in-law Chris left Mia with them for the weekend and we were able to do a quick photo session after dinner tonight. She was the best model. These are just a few of the almost-500 shots I did in less than an hour. She has such an expressive face!

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Nikon D800 / Nikkor 85mm lens / LED lighting and ringlight


Mia Blanket WEB

And here’s the look one gets near the end of a session…the Churchill stare:

Mia Churchill




Smart Phone Nature Photography Workshop at Green Spring Gardens

4 03 2018

Here’s the info on my first smart phone nature photography workshop at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA (Saturday, May 5, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm). The class will cover smart phones in general (Android and iPhones welcome)!

Smart Phone Nature Photography
(Adults) Learn techniques to improve your smart phone nature photography with the help of professional photographer Cindy Dyer. Get a better understanding of composition, color and lighting and how to use your camera settings to capture what you intend. Practice what you learned with an in-class garden photography shoot, critique and lesson on editing. $52/person. Code 290 232 6001.

Register at or call 703-642-5173.

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In the studio with Lauren

23 02 2018

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Lauren in Gray lorez

In the studio with Lauren

23 02 2018

I bought this pink sequin tablecloth to use as a backdrop for tonight’s photo session with my niece, Lauren. We ended up using it later as a gown. Not too shabby for improvising, huh?

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Lauren Sequin 1 lorez

In the studio with Lauren

23 02 2018

In my studio-away-from-home with my niece Lauren, now in her pink hair phase (I love it!). She is as sweet and smart as she is photogenic. Thanks for modeling for me tonight, Gigglebean!

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Lauren 1 lorez


iPhoneography: Sunroof view

8 02 2018

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27073040_10215733174869149_1219704902252343239_n (1)27459566_10215733243830873_5417907243454543277_n (1)

iPhoneography: Freeway sentinels

7 02 2018

Playing with Snapseed and Distressed FX apps

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Birds on Wire