20 06 2020

My friend and neighbor, Rebecca, just colorized a photo of my dad that I had posted yesterday on FB. I told her I work in PS daily and haven’t ever had the opportunity to do colorization like this. She did a beautiful job. Thanks, Rebecca!

This is my father (center, staring intently at his beer) when he was in the Air Force. He entered very young (barely 17), and I imagine he was maybe 20 years old in this photo. I see my resemblance to him a lot in this photo.


The Orphaned Images Project: Brown, North Platte, Nebr.

27 08 2015

I’m assuming this is also a Lucky Dedmore photograph. The photo was labeled “Brown, North Platte, Nebr.” Perhaps it’s the Brown family? If so, where is Mrs. Brown? There appear to be eight children—five daughters and three sons, but no one old enough to look like a mother figure. Wonder what the story is behind this portrait?

SMALL Brown North Platte HiRez