One more for the Josie Fan Club…

22 10 2008

Elizabeth’s mother, Patricia, knitted this pink chenille blanket for baby Josie. Elizabeth said she sent the pattern book to her mother without telling her why. She figured it would be a hint that Patricia would be a grandmother in nine months. At the time, Rob’s sister was expecting, so Patricia thought Elizabeth wanted her to knit it for her baby!

I thought this was such a cute shot of her and figured it would be well received by the enthusiastic members of the ever-growing Josie Fan Club.

Hey Elizabeth…I checked… isn’t taken…hint, hint!

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Josie au naturel

19 10 2008

Elizabeth and Rob came to my studio this morning so we could get some more images of baby Josie…in-the-buff shots against a black background. Doesn’t everyone need baby photos like this? Elizabeth said these are the ones that will surface on the internet when Josephine Margaret is running for President one day. Josie for Prez 2043!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.