19 09 2010

This is my friend Rob’s first grandchild, Kali, who is about 4-1/2 months old. Rob’s daughter Mary (Kali’s mother) graduated from college (Journalism major) just one week after Kali was born. Talk about supreme multi-tasking! She has a well-written blog about becoming a first-time mom. Check it out here. I photographed Mary, her parents, and baby Kali earlier this month. See those postings here and here. Below: Kali with her grandparents, Rob and Gayle

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Mary and Kali

8 09 2010

Last night I photographed my friend Rob’s daughter Mary and her four-month-old daughter, Kali. More photos to come!

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A look back at some little gems

27 09 2009

At long last, she blogs! It’s been several weeks since I posted on the blog—I apologize for my absence. I’ve had design work going in and out (not complaining, mind you), and lots of other tasks to complete. Plus, gardening season has slowed down quite a bit and I haven’t had a chance to get out to shoot what is still in bloom (not much!). I’ve been doing a slew of creative projects and will post about those soon. You’ll have to be patient until I can share them with you in early November!

Tomorrow baby Josie turns one years old and I’m heading off to Fredericksburg to wish her a happy one and I’m hoping to get some new photos of the birthday girl to post. I miss being out shooting, but work and other commitments beckon. I’ll promise to post new material shortly!

Check out Josie’s first debut on my blog here.
See Daddy’s little girl here.
View Josie “au naturel” in my studio here and with Mom & Grandma in the studio here.
See her when she was 147 days old here.
Check out our last studio session in June here, when she was eight months old.


Check out my updated Zenfolio!

The “cream of the crop” of my garden and landscape photos is now in one easy-to-navigate gallery. Eventually I’ll have the gallery set up to sell prints as well as stock photos, but in the interim, this is just a way to wrangle all of my web-viewing-only images into one gallery. I’ll be adding more images in the future. Currently there are 406 images in the Botanical Gallery. That should keep you plenty busy! If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll recognize many of the photos. Once you click on the first link below, you can click “view all” at the bottom and see everything on one page, scrolling down as you go. If you click on an individual photo, it will enlarge and thumbnails for other images will show up on the side (as shown in the collage below). You can click on any of those to enlarge, or you can just launch the slide show in the second link below. I hope you enjoy the show!

Gallery:  http://cindydyer.zenfolio.com/p270076135

Slideshow: http://cindydyer.zenfolio.com/p270076135/slideshow

Josie at 8 months

6 06 2009

My garden club’s newest sprout is growing like a weed! And she has quite the fan base, too.

Check out Josie’s first debut on my blog here. See Daddy’s little girl here, “au naturel” in my studio here, with Mom & Grandma here, and turning 147 days old here.

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Josie turns 147!

11 03 2009

…days old, that is. I got the chance to photograph baby Josie again in my studio on February 20, along with her mom, Elizabeth, and two of Elizabeth’s friends who were visiting from out of town. I’ll post the group shots separately. I didn’t get a lot of shots of Josie because her attention span was shorter this time around! Not to worry, there will be plenty more photo ops in her future, I’m sure.

Check out Josie’s first debut on my blog here.

See Daddy’s little girl here.

View Josie “au naturel” in my studio here.

And with Mom & Grandma in the studio here.

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Josephine Margaret and family

17 10 2008

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Daddy’s (very) little girl

17 10 2008

I photographed Josephine Margaret, Elizabeth and Rob’s three-week old daughter, this morning. She was such a good model, smiling in her sleep, never fussing even once. Josie came into the world at 1:36 a.m. on September 27, measured 18 inches long, and weighed just 6 pounds, 3 oz. She’s such a tiny thing!

Had there been a Pesto Fest that evening, Elizabeth had a really good excuse to miss it! She instructed her husband to e-mail to let me know they wouldn’t be joining us after all—what with having a baby and all….such efficiency and manners! The Pesto Fest was rained out and cancelled, so they didn’t miss it after all!

More photos of baby Josie with her mom and paternal grandparents coming up!

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A penguin in the pumpkin patch

13 10 2008

This morning Amy and I went to Nalls Produce to photograph baby Jonathan in his Halloween costume in the pumpkin patch. Even though he wasn’t much in the mood to smile, we did get a few nice images. I love the third photo…look at that expression. That’s why they call him the “boy of a million faces!” Click here to see the first images I shot of him in late August.

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Introducing Ashley Jocelyn

31 08 2008

On Tuesday, August 26, at 4:14 p.m., Ashley Jocelyn graced the world with her presence, weighing 7 lbs. 6.4 oz, and measuring 21 inches long. (See her very first portrait in the collage below). Her father, Mike, asked me if I would consider photographing it since he had never seen a childbirth in still photographs and thought I could capture it beautifully. (Thanks for considering me for the project, Mike and Alicia! I hope I did the event justice with these images.)

Believe it or not, this is not the first time I’ve photographed a baby being born. About 13 or 14 years ago, I photographed a friend’s sister having her second child. This was pre-digital photography days, so I shot print film the couple had provided and then handed the rolls over for them to process. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the images, even though I was told that they turned out well. It’s the first and only time I haven’t seen the results of a shoot, and as you can see, I still remember that fact!

Suddenly, here was a chance to shoot digitally and be able to get immediate feedback—so I jumped at the chance. It was a privilege to witness Ashley’s birth and to photograph her entrance into the world for Alicia and Michael. Below are some of the images of this amazing event.

I photographed Alicia in early June in my studio with Mike and their two children. You’ll see those photos in my posting titled, “And baby girl makes five…” I also got some great shots of the kids here. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to photograph Ashley and her family again.

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Boy of a million faces

28 08 2008

I photographed three month old baby Jonathan and his parents in early August. He’s one of the most expressive babies I’ve ever photographed. Amy says, “we call him the boy of a million faces, because he’s made so many faces—even in the very early days when they say they don’t really smile.” Jonathan was born May 18. Welcome to the world, Jonathan!

These are some of photos I got that morning. I hope to photograph him again so I can get some closeups!

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…and proof that he has rightfully earned his title, “boy of a million faces.”

Welcome to the world, Ashley Jocelyn!

27 08 2008

Born 8/26/2008 — 21 inches long — 7 lbs. 6.4 ounces

More photos to come!

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And baby girl makes five…

1 06 2008

I photographed the Royer family this morning and just started preparing the images this afternoon. Annie and little brother Joshua are getting a baby sister in September! Here are a few of the more “artsy” images of Mike, Alicia, and daughter Annie.

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Pea in a pod

17 12 2007

Today’s photo is of baby Henry (again). He’s fast becoming my favorite bambino to photograph because he’s such a happy baby. Stephanie stopped by yesterday and hauled in this carrier completely enclosed (where’s Henry?) and when she undid the top, here’s what I saw….baby Henry, snuggled in and smiling (as usual)!

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Mother & child

2 12 2007

I photographed Stephanie, husband Tom, and baby Henry at her home yesterday as a congrats gift to the family. Henry was born September 25, 2007 and is very much doted on by his parents!

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