“We are not amused.”

14 04 2011

Nine-year-old BeBe is Brian and Shirley’s other cat in Austin, Texas. She keeps six-month-old siblings Lulu and Kato at arm’s paw’s length. Lest she feel left out during my impromptu feline photo sessions, I shot nine photos of her nesting on the microwave, one of her favorite spots. In all nine shots, she has the same expression—not one variance. My random intrusions did not amuse her, obviously.

SIDEBAR: To the left of BeBe is a botanical painting by Brian’s mother, Helen Loflin. She was quite an accomplished illustrator and painter and her artwork hangs in every room of Brian and Shirley’s home. She passed away three years ago at age 97-1/2 (she was adamant about always including the half part, Brian says).

KUDOS...to my fellow blogging/photographer friend, Teresita, for noticing that the illustration on the towel BeBe is sitting on looks a lot like Helen’s botanical painting. Good catch! Read Teresita’s blog at http://thepetalpusher.wordpress.com/.

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