Talking about knocking your socks off!

20 08 2011

I just saw this link on a local fellow photographer’s blog (Nikhil Bahl Photography). Technology never ceases to amaze. Be sure to click on the photo of the purple flowers and test drive the technology!

How in the world do they do this?



Be still my heart!

13 07 2011

So, I’m still dreaming about possessing the Nikkor 200mm micro lens. It would really come in handy when I want to do macro shots of butterflies and other insects that won’t let me get close with my beloved 105mm Nikkor micro. Occasionally I will look at various vendors online to see their pricing for the lens (pointless—it’s as if I expect them to go on sale). I did just that a few minutes ago in a Google search, with some really strange (but laugh-out-loud) results this time around. Keep in mind that this lens runs anywhere from $1475-1700+ retail.

My search began in Google with the words, “200mm Nikkor micro.” Here is the first screen I saw:

I click on the top one because I’m thinking, “37 bucks? For that lens? No way! It must be a lens cap or a filter for it.” So, I click on that first link and this is what I get:

Apparently, Amazon is (accidentally) selling my coveted lens for just $36.99 (and I’ll save a whole penny)! Let’s check this one out pronto. I know it has to be priced wrong, but I’m going to quickly order it for $36.99 before they realize the mistake they’ve made! (In fact, I’ll order a couple dozen of them and resell!) When I click on the top link for Amazon, here’s what I get:

The last link in the previous listing was for eBay-eastwestphoto and showed the lens listed at $100 but that link leads you nowhere. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Back to reality, folks!

Then again, if just 1,700 of my 285,818 visitors-to-date sent me a dollar, I’d be set. Not that I’m hinting or soliciting or begging, mind you. I’m just sayin’.