FAVE: Tim Flach Photography Ltd.

26 07 2010

I stumbled upon London photographer Tim Flach’s work a few months ago and requested permission to show this particular photo below (I want a dog with dreadlocks!) and link back to his site. Joanna Niklas, who works with Tim, told me about his newest project, DOGS-GODS, which explores and celebrates man’s remarkable friendship with the dog. The book will be a visual representation of the oldest human-animal friendship and a journey around the canine kingdom. The link below takes you directly to his website (and what a great opening!). Click on “Portfolio,” which begins with stunning images of dogs. The website itself is as fluid and luminous as his photographs.

While you’re on his site, be sure to click on the “Info” link at the top, then “Film,” and download director Chris Purcell’s Animal Planet documentary, Through the Lens of Tim Flach, Photographer.

(Note to Kathy and Kevin M.: Bet you wish I had gotten a shot like #43 of you guys with Kramer and Oatmeal before they went to their new home. Sigh…missed my chance! To learn more than you ever truly wanted to know about iguanas (and Kramer and Oatmeal, in particular), check out this posting by their babysitter, The King of Texas, here.


Chipper & Dude

29 04 2009

I met these two sweet canines—Chipper (the puppy) and Dude (the big guy)—last week in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were both out for a walk with their human, Christine, and her friend Jason. Chipper and Dude were just begging to be my next photographic subjects, so I happily obliged. How sweet are they?!

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