Ruby, lost in thought

18 02 2017

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Sweet Ruby lorez.jpg

Queso in the pokey

11 02 2017

He’s in the pokey for a feliney misde-meow-ner.

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Queso Bars 2 hirez.jpg

Table for one, please.

11 02 2017


Sigh…the service here is
taking, like, forever…


What’s a gal gotta do to get service ’round here?

10 02 2017

Um, excuse me, miss? Could I get a refill on my dirty grande skinny latte with a shot of vanilla? (This is my sister Debbie’s polydactyl cat, Meeko.) iPhone 6s / Snapseed app

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Ruby (aka Roswell or Lemur Eyes)

4 04 2015

From the 2013 archives—this is my sister Debbie’s younger cat, Ruby. I prefer to call her “Roswell” (isn’t it obvious why?) or “Lemur Eyes” (again, obvious). I also call her “Alien Eyes.”

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LemurEyes lorez

Goodbye, my beloved ZenaB

10 09 2014

There’s another angel crossing over Rainbow Bridge tonight—our beloved ZenaB. She was diagnosed with untreatable cancer one week ago today and I’m grateful for the week we had with her but so wish it had been longer. Going through this ALMOST makes me want to not have pets, but then I’m reminded of the immense joy and depth they bring to my life. It was an honor to love you for 15 wonderful years and send you on your way when it was time today, no matter how difficult the decision was. Thank you so much to my friend Karen B. for being there with me—I know you loved her as much as I do and you made this journey with me a bit easier, if that is even possible. My heart is heavy with both grief and love. I’ll miss you ZenaB (aka Mama’s Girl, Zena Patina, and ZenaBeeBee). Your beauty made up for your clumsiness (you were not as graceful as you looked, shall we say?) and you were a diva your entire life here on earth. I just know there is shredded sharp cheddar cheese (but not the low-fat kind that you turned your nose at), Cool Whip and ice cream where you’re going. Say hello to Jasper for us (even if you never really much cared for him…do it anyway, okay?) Learn how lovely ZenaB got her name here:

Basket Case

Downward Facing Cat

29 04 2014

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