iPhoneography: Queso

6 09 2020

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Lovely Scout

8 12 2019

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A few weeks ago, we had this beautiful girl as a houseguest for a week.



Sad puppy dog eyes

7 12 2019

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Lobo shows up to entice me to feed him. I try to avoid his sad, puppy-dog gaze. I tell him I’m working and I’ll be with him in just a minute.


He goes away, and then comes back a few minutes later. Apparently he can tell time.


Just another day in paradise

10 07 2019

Meet Moo, one of several cats living in the garden paradise of my friends Ed and Joni in Kentucky.

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WEB Moo in Garden

iPhoneography: Still life with Lobo

11 01 2019

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lobo on paint table


iPhoneography: Queso cocooning

9 06 2018

iPhone 7Plus, Camera+ app in macro mode, Snapseed app border

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iPhoneography: Pixel

30 04 2018

iPhone 7+ in Portrait Mode / Snapseed app border

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Pixel color shot

Lily Rose

16 03 2018

This is my sister Kelley’s cat, Lily Rose, atop her throne.

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iPhoneography: Nite nite, Queso

8 12 2017

Curled up next to mom (wearing her $5 Walmart nightshirt, adorned with cats, of course)

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Thanksgiving 2017: Guess who’s coming to dinner?

8 12 2017

Quest awaits the dinner bell!

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iPhoneography: Queso in repose

8 12 2017

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iPhoneography: The many faces of Queso

13 10 2017

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• Queso Ledge


• Queso Bed 1

• Queso Sleeping

• Sleepy Queso

• Sleepy Queso 4

• Sleepy Queso 3

• Sleepy Queso 2

• Sleepy Queso 2

• Cardboard Queso


iPhoneography: Pretty boy

20 06 2017

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Queso Pink 1 lorez

iPhoneography: Pretzel Queso

20 06 2017

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Queso Pretzel lorez

iPhoneography: The basket challenge

20 06 2017

If I turn my head just so, I know I can fit…see? I told you so!

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Queso Basket 1 lorez

Queso Basket 2 lorez

iPhoneography: Ten pounds of cat in a five pound basket

20 06 2017

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Lobo Basket lorez


Due north

20 04 2017

I have a decorative rabbit weather vane on the top of the tv armoire, but we moved it last summer to start repair on the ceiling that had a leak. This is when Queso started running up to the armoire and playing gargoyle. I moved the piece to a side buffet and captured this image of him peeping through it while he was basking in the sun yesterday.

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Queso Vane lorez

Basket case

18 04 2017

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Lobo Closer up in basket

Lobo basket lorez.jpg

LoboBasketLookingAway lorez.jpg

Ruby, lost in thought

18 02 2017

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Sweet Ruby lorez.jpg

Queso in the pokey

11 02 2017

He’s in the pokey for a feliney misde-meow-ner.

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Queso Bars 2 hirez.jpg

Table for one, please.

11 02 2017


Sigh…the service here is
taking, like, forever…


What’s a gal gotta do to get service ’round here?

10 02 2017

Um, excuse me, miss? Could I get a refill on my dirty grande skinny latte with a shot of vanilla? (This is my sister Debbie’s polydactyl cat, Meeko.) iPhone 6s / Snapseed app

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Ruby (aka Roswell or Lemur Eyes)

4 04 2015

From the 2013 archives—this is my sister Debbie’s younger cat, Ruby. I prefer to call her “Roswell” (isn’t it obvious why?) or “Lemur Eyes” (again, obvious). I also call her “Alien Eyes.”

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LemurEyes lorez

Goodbye, my beloved ZenaB

10 09 2014

There’s another angel crossing over Rainbow Bridge tonight—our beloved ZenaB. She was diagnosed with untreatable cancer one week ago today and I’m grateful for the week we had with her but so wish it had been longer. Going through this ALMOST makes me want to not have pets, but then I’m reminded of the immense joy and depth they bring to my life. It was an honor to love you for 15 wonderful years and send you on your way when it was time today, no matter how difficult the decision was. Thank you so much to my friend Karen B. for being there with me—I know you loved her as much as I do and you made this journey with me a bit easier, if that is even possible. My heart is heavy with both grief and love. I’ll miss you ZenaB (aka Mama’s Girl, Zena Patina, and ZenaBeeBee). Your beauty made up for your clumsiness (you were not as graceful as you looked, shall we say?) and you were a diva your entire life here on earth. I just know there is shredded sharp cheddar cheese (but not the low-fat kind that you turned your nose at), Cool Whip and ice cream where you’re going. Say hello to Jasper for us (even if you never really much cared for him…do it anyway, okay?) Learn how lovely ZenaB got her name here: https://cindydyer.wordpress.com/2007/08/08/egads-another-zena-bethune/

Basket Case

Downward Facing Cat

29 04 2014

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iPhoneography: Saturday afternoons R 4 sleeping…

15 12 2012

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Guest Photographer: Michael Powell

25 05 2012

My friend and neighbor, Michael, has really taken to photography this year and I’ve been working with him “in the field” to teach him macro and garden photography as well as composition. I had him shooting completely manual and with a tripod during his very first session (that’s it—throw Grasshopper into the fire from the start!). It’s been great to have him accompany me to Green Spring Gardens and Meadowlark when our schedules permit. I sometimes catch him in my front yard garden photographing things in bloom (making me feel somewhat guilty that I’m not out doing the same). I’ll be sharing some of his work from time to time. Who knows? Maybe I can convince him to start a photo blog of his very own!

Earlier this week, he shot this wonderful photo of green-eyes-glowing Foxy, my neighbor Eric’s persnickety cat, hiding in the canopy of fig leaves in my backyard garden. Foxy loves sitting on the fence and even burrowing under the flowers in the front yard. She won’t let anyone pet her (save for Eric, of course), and if you get too close to photograph her, she lets you know her displeasure. I think she should be a little bit more hospitable, considering I’ve created this little oasis for her to lounge, don’t you? (Note to Barbara—Foxy most certainly did not inherit the hospitality gene!)

© Michael Powell. All rights reserved.

Handsome Lobo

6 03 2012

Lobo (Spanish for “wolf”) is almost nine months old now and is incredibly handsome. His fur shimmers and I’m wondering if he is a Russian Blue mix. I read on Wikipedia that these cats are known to be highly intelligent and playful, but tend to be timid around strangers. That certainly fits the bill with this little guy.

When I photograph him, his fur shimmers and he looks almost metallic and a bit ghostly! I also learned there is a longer-haired breed called a Nebelung. I’m leaning toward that identification now that I’ve seen so many photos of this breed. Lobo has medium-long hair and a full tail, unlike most of the cats I’ve seen that are labeled Russian Blue. Trademark traits of a Nebelung cat are a long, graceful body (check), sweet, quiet and gentle disposition (check, check, check), and they are curious and tranquil (check, check).

Since he isn’t really answering to his name (yet), I could rename him “Pewter.” Any input?

He and our tabby Pixel (whom we call his brother, even though they’re not from the same litter) have finally (after four long months) been fully integrated into the household, much to our older cat’s chagrin. ZenaB has finally accepted that they aren’t going away but she shows them who is still Queen of the Ottoman from time to time. I’ve got a cute shot of Pixel covered with toys (shades of “Stuff on my cat”) that I’ll share next.

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Kato in repose

8 01 2012

This is one of Brian and Shirley’s cats. Every time I came into the living room, he was sitting in some human-like position in this big chair, so I had an obligation to photograph him. In the top photo, all that’s missing is the remote control!

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Pixel spies his first moth

3 01 2012

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