Marvelous Monday

7 06 2010

Jasper…lounging in his personal bed of crushed catnip and catmint. Does it get any better than this, Stripey Joe?

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I’m in (catnip) heaven…

20 06 2008

I thought I had lost Jasper in the “Jumanji” part of the garden this afternoon. I peered through the Concord grape vine into the herb garden and saw him settled in, completely surrounded by the run-amuck catnip. Seriously, I need to do some weeding, culling, and cleanup in the garden this weekend. The recent storms have created a little shop of horrors in my backyard!

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My pretty boy…

26 04 2008

Jasper…he was watching a male and female cardinal singing to each other in our red oak. Immediately after this shot, he found the catnip bush and forgot about the birds!

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