What is it about cats and suitcases?

1 06 2008

I just shot some really beautiful photos of orange lilies glistening with drops of water from the afternoon thunderstorm…drops of water on the leaves of the passionflower vine…a rather fat squirrel shimmying away from the bird feeder…and macro shots of my very late-blooming forced daffodils in their mossy container on the front porch with that soft after-the-storm light illuminating the blooms.

After I came in, our cat, ZenaB, settled in for a nap on Michael’s black computer bag, blending right in. I knew I had to get that shot, too! Michael rushed down to get a flash for me and I rattled off several images of her blending into the suitcase.

These images were stunning. You’ll have to take my word for it. I would love to show those images to you, truly I would. But I can’t. They exist only in my head. For the first time in almost five years of shooting digital images, I neglected to actually put a compact flash card into the camera. I shot all of these without “film,” feeling mighty confident that I had captured shots worth blogging about! I’m sure I’m not the first, nor the last, photographer to make this mistake. That wouldn’t have happened in the “old days” with film, I know. Pass the Ginkgo Biloba.

ZenaB, quite settled in, waited patiently while I popped in “film” and got this shot.

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