iPhoneography in my garden

2 05 2015

Crabapple tree “confetti” and ‘Lady Jane’ Tulips in my garden

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Confetti Tulip

Snow falling on crabapples (view from my kitchen)

4 03 2014

(Doesn’t sound quiet as poetic as that book, Snow Falling on Cedars, does it?)

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Snow Branches lorez

I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me…

5 09 2011

I photographed this preening mourning dove through my kitchen window last week.

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Hungry baby Robins

2 05 2008

I shot this photo of baby Robins last spring. The nest was in the crabapple tree just outside our kitchen window. Robin eggs are the most beautiful shade of pale blue green, one of my favorite colors.

Here’s an excellent website with FAQs about the American Robin:

A day-to-day journal of baby Robins here: http://kathyskritters.com/tales/robins/

Here’s a really great video of a baby Robin hatching:

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What’s a party without confetti?

14 04 2008

This weekend the garden was quite festive with a profusion of pink petals from our crabapple tree.

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