Vote for Wap-Wap ’08!

9 09 2008

Many friends have been the recipient of a fun video that makes each of them the hot new contender in the presidential race ( I got a kick out of my younger sister’s response to my e-mail. (FYI: her childhood nickname was Wap-Wap—because that’s how she asked for an apple). I’ve told her (often) that she should be blogging because a) she can write, and b) at the very least, her family thinks she’s funny—maybe others will, too! Here is her e-mail below:

“Sorry I’m just getting back to you on this. I’ve been on the campaign trail the past few days and loving every minute of it. For someone that has historically stayed out of the spotlight I find myself adapting quite well to the rigors of campaigning and speaking in front of thousands of adoring fans. All those times I missed the student council meetings my freshman year in high school because I found it boring seemed to have paid off in the end. I am able to separate myself from the other candidates that simply toe the party line as I continue my quest of establishing myself as the candidate with absolutely no skill or experience to bring to the office. I say these things truthfully and all my constituents agree. No independent study or think tank or political pundit can deny what I stand for—which is nothing. I’m actually in the best position of all. I know nothing, can do nothing, and will bring nothing to the office except truth and justice—which should be the American way. Thank you for your continuing support…”