Shine on, shine on harvest moon…

23 09 2008

En route to visit Barb and Dean in Spokane on Saturday, September 13, we drove past miles and miles of wheat fields and as the land became more golden in the late afternoon light, we noticed the makings of a harvest moon.

Whenever I hear the words, “harvest moon,” I always remember a very old Ruth Etting album (heaven only knows where I found it) that I eventually gave to a friend’s husband to add to his large music collection. I just did a search and I actually found the recording! The only words I could remember were “shine on, shine on harvest moon…for me and my guy.” (I sing it true to her old-fashioned vibrato, of course).

Etting revived the song in Ziegfield Follies in 1931. Click here to find it on And if you’re a Liza Minnelli fan, click here for her rendition of the song.

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Gentle(wo)man farmer

18 06 2008

If I had to depend on growing beans to make a living, surely I would perish with today’s bounty! I planted these some time ago and if Gina hadn’t pointed them out today, they would have shriveled unnoticed on the vine. With all the rain we’ve gotten, the garden is growing by leaps and bounds and it looks like the set of the movie Jumanji out there. I picked this meager harvest and Michael added them to the “everything but the kitchen sink” soup he made for my sister Debbie and me this evening. It may only have been 11 bean pods (aren’t they pretty?), but I was proud of my contribution to the table nonetheless.

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