Fuji G617 archives: Bryce Canyon National Park

31 12 2010

On this trip, my cousin Bill and I hiked down into the canyon. Suffice it to say that it is so much easier to hike down into it than it is to hike back out of it. We saw people 20-30 years older than us passing (pathetic) us on the way back up to the rim. (Yeah, sure, just sprint on by…water? who needs extra water?…I’m fine…I’m not resting—I’m framing the scene for my next magnificent composition, yeah, that’s what I’m doing…I’m breathing heavy? Oh, that—I’m just so excited to be communing with nature!…don’t mind us, you with your little point-and-shoot, you…).

Oh, and if you’d like to replicate my experience (and you really should), be sure to carry one bag with a 35mm camera and oh, say, 4-5 lenses (with 20 rolls of Fuji film, filters and batteries)—and don’t forget the Fuji G617 on a tripod!

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