In the studio: Monica

27 02 2019

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In the studio: Barbara

7 10 2011

Here’s one more shot from my photo session with Barbara last Friday night.

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In the studio: Anna

13 08 2011

Anna (as herself in photo #1 and playing with wigs in #2 and #3). I used my Spiderlite TD5 cool lights for this session.

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Isabel & Holly

3 03 2011

I had a fantastic mini-vacation with my friend Gina this past weekend. We flew to Dallas early Sunday morning, then drove to Bossier City, Louisiana to surprise her mother for her 69th birthday. It was a whirlwind, spontaneous three days and I shot lots of photos of people, places and things. This photo below was from a quick session on Monday evening. I photographed her cousin Greg and his family at their home—below is his wife Holly and daughter Isabel. It was an impromptu shoot with just my D300, Nikkor 18-70 lens, a Nikon Speedlight attached to a RayFlash ringlight and a bare office wall serving as a background—but with lovely models like these two, I couldn’t help but get a few good images. In many of the photos Isabel is a deadringer for a young Reese Witherspoon! More photos from their session to come…

In upcoming posts, I’ll have some photos and stories gathered on our road trip. Our three-day adventure concluded with an awe-inspiring tour in Shreveport of CRM Studios, a video and audio production company where Greg is the Director of Broadcast Production, as well as Moonbot Studios, the home of Bill Joyce, whose latest project is the short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (which, as a self-admitted biblioholic, I cannot wait to see—the short will be available as an iPad download next month!). Joyce is an author, illustrator and leader in the digital animation industry and was named by Newsweek Magazine as one of the 100 people to watch. Projects based on his works have been translated into feature films and television shows, including Robots and Meet the Robinsons, and the Emmy-winning series Rolie Polie Olie and George Shrinks. Wish we could have met Joyce during our tour, but we did get a brief glimpse of the studio where all the animation magic happens! (Thanks so much for the special tour, Greg!)

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2 05 2010

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15 01 2010

Michael’s younger sister Ann was in town this week for training for her job as an engineer (she previously designed brakes for business class planes and is now in a supervisory position). She added a day on to visit us and we spent the afternoon exploring the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum/Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington Dulles International Airport. If you like the Air and Space Museum on the Mall, you’ll love this center—it’s spectacular! Steven Ferencz Udvar-Hazy, owner of ILFC, the largest owner of aircraft in the U.S., is responsible for a $65 million grant to the Smithsonian Institution. This grant allowed for the building of the Udvar-Hazy Center annex, which houses more than 120 aircraft and 140 space-exploration exhibits.

Later in the evening I photographed Michael and Ann together for our wedding album (since there weren’t any photos of them together at the event), and cajoled Ann into posing for a quick “cover girl” session afterward. And it was quick—we got our session done in less than 20 minutes—and that’s a record for me for a portrait session like this. She was excited because she was able to take 4×6 prints home to surprise her husband. I made the prints on my little Epson PictureMate printer that I picked up for just $25 at Ritz when they were closing last spring. That little printer is fast and although prints are a bit more than getting them done at Costco, you can’t beat the convenience of printing images you just shot 15 minutes earlier and at almost midnight, too!

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Bionic Woman = Cover Girl

7 04 2008

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing Abbie, who drove down from New Jersey just to be photographed for the cover of the next issue of Hearing Loss Magazine. She brought along her cousin, Patty, who ended up being my right-hand woman during the photo shoot (kudos, Patty, for your art direction, wardrobe selections, and for organizing the wardrobe rack for me!). After getting the requisite cover shots out of the way, we moved on to the “Vogue” sessions. Even though she swears she has never modeled, Abbie took directions beautifully and was such a joy to photograph. The last photo shows Abbie with her cousin (and my extraordinary assistant), Patty. Thanks, Abbie & Patty, for a wonderfully creative day!

Check out Abbie’s blog about her cochlear implant journey here:

Learn more about the Hearing Loss Association of America here:

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From my 35mm slide archives…

2 04 2008

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18 01 2008

On Sunday evening I photographed my niece and three of her friends. The first series are the gals in their “natural state,” and the second batch was shot during the major wig-swap free-for-all.

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