Stack ‘o gulls

6 04 2014

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Gulls galore!

4 04 2014

Gulls at Virginia Beach, VA © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Gull Collage

Outta my way!

6 01 2010

This is one of my favorite Polaroid transfers. I shot the original image (Velvia transparency) one summer at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. While the original isn’t a bad image, it has more impact as a transfer, I think. This image was one of many I posted in a collage in October 2007 on this blog. See that posting here. I’ll post some more of those images enlarged and individually in the future. I’ve also run across some additional transfers I hadn’t scanned yet, so I’ll post those when I do.

FYI: I found this link here on photographer Holly Francis Dupré’s website. She has developed a comprehensive guide to creating Polaroid transfers that is free to download.

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Squawking gulls at Cape May

12 12 2009

Photo notes: Nikon N90s, Fuji Velvia slide film, knee deep in the very cold Atlantic Ocean, Nikkor 105mm lens. 35mm slide scanned by

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THIS JUST IN: Michael just reminded me that to get this shot, I not only waded out knee-deep into cold water, he had to hold on to my vest so I could lean forward (remember, this wasn’t a super-telephoto lens I was using!) to get closer. See there? I really earned this shot (and so did my assistant)!