The Orphaned Images Project: Leisure Suit Larry and the Priest

10 01 2011

More treasures to share from my newest venture, The Orphaned Images Project. A few of my regular readers have asked if they can have a shot at captioning some photos. By all means, please feel free to do so. I will give you a little background to get you started. I promise to re-publish the photos with all of your accompanying captions.

Photo #1: Larry’s mind-tripping moire patterned suit and pre-Harry-Potterish glasses were no match for Carol’s psychedelic pop-art floral skirt. (7.30.1971)

Photo #2: I’m assuming this is in a church (there’s a priest). Apparently the church had fallen on hard times—take a look at the paper wall decor above grandma’s head! What do you read into the sheepish (baby daddy?) look of the guy on the left and the resigned look on Father Murphy’s face? (8.01.1971)

Please feel free to submit your own captions for these two photos (nudge, nudge, Jefferson, Babs and The King of Texas)

UPDATE: Captions and comments

From Jeff:

Picture One — I’m pretty sure the fellow in the top picture is the father of the guy who plays “PC” in those Apple ads. And I love how high the gal’s skirt goes. Yes, I remember the days when wearing your skirts like some old guy in Florida would was considered sexy, damn sexy.

Picture Two — “Behold the red-haired devil child! Hail Satan! Now, Father, go get me another wine spritzer and let’s get this end of days thing rolling!”

From the King of Texas:

What does that guy Jeff mean, talking about how high my skirt goes? It’s just a couple of inches above my ankles, and it will never go any higher, at least not while I’m wearing it, not even for Larry unless he moves that ring from his right hand to his left! I admit that the skirt is a bit higher waisted than I like, but it complements Larry’s tie so nicely. I found it at the Goodwill Thrift store—that’s where Larry and I shop for clothing—they have really great prices!

Second photo:
No, no, NO! My husband is the guy on my left wearing the collar, and the young boy on my right is my lover and the father of my child—got it?

From RedHeadedWoman (a.k.a. Karen):

So that’s where my favorite skirt from 1969 ended up!

From Pepe Le Peu (a.k.a. Rob):

Photo 1— William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson

Photo 2 — “Please hurry, I have a “Where’s the Beef” commercial to film.”

Amazing tree in downtown Key West

11 06 2009

I’m fairly certain that a Ficus aurea, or strangler fig, has taken over this tree (or group of trees) in downtown Key West. I did some research online and learned that they are common throughout the Caribbean and tropical Americas. You’ll find excellent and very detailed information about strangler figs with illustrative photos on this site:

Michael serves as my scale reference in the first photo. Doesn’t the second photo look like a backdrop from a Harry Potter movie? If I have misidentified this unusual tree, enlighten me!

THIS JUST IN…Artist Val Webb posted a comment on my garden-only site, Here is her comment:

“It has been many years since I visited Key West, but I seem to recall that the tree in question is a banyan tree. There is a large one on the Thomas Edison property there.”

I looked up “banyan tree” and learned that a banyan is a fig tree that starts its life as an epiphyte when its seeds germinate in the cracks and crevices on a host tree. The seeds germinate and send down roots toward the ground, and may envelope part of the host tree…giving them the name of “strangler fig.” So apparently banyan is another name for it. Thanks for the input, Val!

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