Harvestmen (Phalangium opilio)

31 10 2010

Harvestmen (Phalangium opilio), also known as daddy-long-legs, resemble spiders but they only two eyes and their bodies are in just one segment. They also do not spin threads or build webs and cannot produce venom. I think this particular specimen could be a “Red Harvestman,” because of its orange-reddish brown coloring and dark legs.

At Green Spring Gardens this afternoon, my eyes were first drawn to these bright purple petals against the chartreuse-colored sweet potato vine leaves in the background. After I got the tripod set up to get my first shots, I saw a stick poking out the right side of the flower. It turns out it wasn’t a stick—it was an appendage. The critter eventually made his way around the front of the flower (See there? Sometime wishing really hard does make it so!) and I pursued him like the horticultural paparazzi that I am. I’m not sure what the flower is—perhaps some kind of Aster? I’ll do some research and update this post later.

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