It’s a jungle out there

28 05 2009

Shot of our front yard garden taken this afternoon…

Just past bloom: White & purple Bearded Iris and Purple Sensation Allium 

Debuting now: Beard’s Tongue, Catmint, Veronica Speedwell, Creeping Thyme, Sweet William, Penstemon, Rose Campion (blush pink-white and bright pink varieties), Hellebores, Sedum, Yellow Yarrow, Nasturtium, White Dianthus, Pink Phlox, Hosta flowers, Ageratum, Evening Primrose ‘Lemon Drop’, Strawflower, Geraniums 

Very-soon-to-bloom: Globe Thistle, Lavender (various), Coreopsis, Tickseed, Lilies (various) and Salvia

And later in the seasonButterfly bush (pink, yellow, purple varieties), Coneflower (various varieties)

Platycodon Balloon Flower (purple and white varieties), Shasta Daisies, Black-eyed Susan, Monarda Bee Balm, Lamb’s Ear, Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Maximilian sunflower

Ha! And this is just the list of plants in the front yard. Proof enough that I’m a gardener obsessed.

Got a question for my fellow gardeners…what is the weed (looks a lot like the tops of celery plants or almost cilantro-looking leaf) that is taking over my entire garden in spades? Why have I not noticed this prolific pest in previous years? Is it a new invasive? Do I need to photograph it for identification?
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Cascade of glories

16 10 2008

The ‘Heavenly Blue’ morning glory vine in the backyard garden has finally come into its own. The air is getting cooler each day, so the heat isn’t keeping them down. Every day I see more blooms (on the inside of the fence). I finally decided to get out the stepladder this afternoon to photograph them up close and when I opened the back gate, I had no idea there would be this many blooms on the other side. Yes, you know I counted them—87 total, including two springing from a tendril that has taken hold of the Bradford pear. That’s just 87 today. There are so many unopened buds on this monster! I can’t imagine a garden without these beautiful blue blooms. Take a look at my first posting on morning glories last year here (that day I counted over 300 blooms; it was a real traffic-stopping sight) and some I photographed in August here.

Learn more about growing morning glories here and here.

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