Hoverfly on a Shasta daisy

12 07 2017

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WEB Hoverfly on Shasta

Hoverfly (also known as a flower fly or syrphid fly) on a Shasta daisy

Here’s a random fact I just came across: there is a flower fly found only in the cloud forests of Costa Rica that is named for Bill Gates (Bill Gates’ flower fly). Another one is named after Gates’ associate Paul Allen (Paul Allen’s flower fly). The flies were named such in recognition of their “great contributions to the science of Dipterology” (From the order Diptera, which includes insects that use just two wings to fly)

So now you know, too. You’re welcome. 😁

But wait! There’s more! Curiosity took me to a site that answered my burning question—how long do hoverflies live? A lot shorter life than I imagined! Here’s the answer:

Their live span is similar to other flies. They can live anywhere between 15 to 30 days and it all depends on the climate and temperature they are in.

Hoverfly on ‘Sweet Kate’ spiderwort

16 05 2017

Flowerfly (hoverfly) on ‘Sweet Kate’ spiderwort (I enlarged the little guy so you can see it closeup)

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Spiderwort with Hoverfly web

Hoverfly closeup

Hoverfly on Rudbeckia bloom

12 07 2016

Hoverfly (or Flower Fly) on a type of Rudbeckia (don’t know specific type); photographed at Green Spring Gardens. Flower flies are very tiny (usually about 1/4 inch from head to tip of tail), but this one was even tinier!

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WEB Hoverfly Rudbeckia

Flowerfly on Rudbeckia

2 08 2014

Flowerfly (or Hoverfly) on Rudbeckia bloom; photographed at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD

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Hoverfly on Rhodiola

7 05 2012

Hoverfly or Flower fly (Syrphidae) on Rhodiola (Rhodiola kirilowii); photographed at Green Spring Gardens. This Flower fly was especially tiny—measuring about 1/6 of an inch!

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Flower Fly on Jacob’s Ladder

1 05 2012

Flower Fly or Hoverfly (Syrphidae) on Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium reptans), a Virginia native plant

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Same time, last year: Hoverfly on African daisy

24 03 2012

Originally posted March 24, 2011

Hoverfly (Syrphidae), also known as Flower fly, on an African daisy (Dimorphotheca aurantiaca)

I found this image in my archives recently—photographed at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island north of Victoria, Canada three years ago. If you’re a garden lover or love to photograph gardens, put this place at the top of your “to visit” list. It is spectacular!

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