From Vimeo: Human + Ice Skates = the Perfect Camera Dolly

21 01 2011

Turn up your sound and watch this video by filmmaker Kasper Bak. It has a lovely rhythm to it. After I viewed it, the following things ran through my mind (simultaneously):

1) Wow, I really, really need that Nikon D7000 right now. Great HD video capability.

2) I would need some ice skates, too.

3) Hmmmm…just remembered that I really don’t like having my feet all bundled up in socks and laced up, corset-like into skates that feel two sizes too small. I was raised in the south…you know, where bare feet originated.

4) Oooh…wait a minute. I did try ice skating in D.C. back in my late 20s and it really wasn’t pretty. Suffice it to say, I suck at ice skating.

5) And anyway, this is metropolitan D.C. We get snow one day and it melts the next (but the schools all close anyway). I’d have to go to Montana to find ice thick enough to make my movie.

6) Speaking of Montana—-back in the late 90s when we visited Michael’s Aunt Jackie near Yellowstone for Christmas, she took all of us ice fishing. We traversed the lake via snowmobile and the kids sat on 5-gallon buckets for hours (the fish were a no-show). I remember thinking, “I just won’t get off the snowmobile. You know, just in case the ice cracks.” Apparently I’m not as smart as I look after all, despite the cute glasses. I did venture onto the ice but very, very slowly (as if that would save me?). Long enough to say I did it and to make the laughing stop. Folks, I was born in Alabama and raised in south Texas. We don’t have lakes that freeze. Sure, sure, I know you’re a native…you’re probably right that the ice really is more than a foot thick on that lake. I don’t care how thick you assure me that ice is, I just don’t know if I can truly ever trust you. What if you are wrong?

7) and just by chance you are wrong, look where my Nikon D7000 (that I don’t have) and I would end up!

<p><a href=”″>Dutch Winter</a> from <a href=”″>Kasper Bak</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>