Simple times

3 12 2012

Ah, I remember so well the days when I would “shoot with what I had” and not crave the latest photography gadget, expensive lighting, different backgrounds, etc. In high school and into college, I occasionally babysat the two sons of my favorite teacher in high school. This is her youngest son, Matthew. I started babysitting him when he was a newborn; I think he’s about four or five years old in this photo. Matthew, and his older brother, Marshall, were always great subjects for my camera and they took direction great (although I’m fairly certain bribery was needed!). I got this shot of little Matthew hanging over the arm of the couch, leaning into the light of a side table lamp. This was probably shot with Tri-X 400 film. I seem to recall making prints on some kind of warm-toned Ilford paper in a friend’s darkroom (hence the slight sepia tint to the image). Pretty simple set-up: 35mm camera (probably a Pentax), b&w film, no tripod, available light. Simple. Those were the days.

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