What’s a gal gotta do to get service ’round here?

10 02 2017

Um, excuse me, miss? Could I get a refill on my dirty grande skinny latte with a shot of vanilla? (This is my sister Debbie’s polydactyl cat, Meeko.) iPhone 6s / Snapseed app

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Bird’s eye view

10 02 2017

Pixel, Queso and Lobo lounging on a Sunday afternoon (iPhone 6s, Snapseed app)

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10 02 2017

Of course I cleared out that cubby just for you, Lobo. (iPhone 6s, Snapseed app)

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iPhoneography: Botanicals

13 12 2015

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iPhone Flowers


iPhoneography: Texas sky (again)

1 10 2015

iPhone 6 in pano mode / processed in Snapseed app / double-click to enlarge

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Striped Siberian squill and Hyacinth

1 05 2015

I shot these two beauties with my iPhone 6 a few weeks ago. I always have my Nikon D800 with me on photo excursions, but now I’m also shooting with my phone from time to time just to play a bit (images processed with Snapseed2, now one of my favorite apps to use).

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Two Flowers GS


30 04 2015

A Mourning dove has built her nest in a plant pot on the top of my gardening bench. You can see part of one of two babies to her right (black with white streaks). I can’t do my annual cleanup in that area until after flying lessons are given! Isn’t she pretty? (iPhone 6 with Snapseed2)

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My spirits soar…

30 04 2015

All through the long winter, I dream of my garden.
On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth.
I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.

—Helen Hayes

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Spring Trees lorez

Nancy & Pete’s critters

14 04 2015

I recently turned these three images into a horizontal canvas (three images across) as a thank you gift to my sister-in-law Nancy and husband Pete, who hosted us at their home the weekend after the water lily stamp debut in Ohio. All of the images were shot with my iPhone 6.  I used Snapseed to process them images and add the frames. I added the name in Photoshop for each pet.

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