Katydid and bonus bug

27 05 2011

I think this is a Katydid, but I’m not sure what the other tiny bug is. I sat down to photograph this yellow flower (identification unknown) and when I focused in on my subject, I spotted this katydid, not even 1/4- inch long. I opened the photo in Photoshop and discovered there was an even tinier bug at the bottom of the lowest petal! It might be this katydid’s offspring, but I can’t tell if the legs are the same. I think I need to get an extension tube to be able to get even closer on these tiny bugs. 

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1 11 2010

This might be a Scudder’s Bush Katydid (it looks a lot like the one here), except this one has more rust coloring. At the very least, I know it’s a Katydid and not a grasshopper (as I originally thought). I photographed it at Green Spring Gardens late this afternoon. This is one of only two shots I could get before he was on to me and off to his next meal.

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Little green bug

7 06 2008

I photographed this really tiny green bug (a type of katydid, perhaps?) on an oak leaf hydrangea at River Farm earlier this evening. I was there to photograph the American Horticultural Society’s 2008 Great American Gardeners Awards and Book Awards recipients. I was passing time before the guests starting arriving and saw this little guy. I didn’t have a macro lens on hand, but got a fairly decent shot nonetheless. This weekend I’ll post a sampling of the awards photos and tell you a little bit about the really interesting, talented, and (award-winning) horticulturists, authors, and designers I had the privilege of meeting (and photographing) tonight.

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Katydid nymph Scudderia on Osteospermum

24 02 2008

How’s that for a title? I photographed this tiny (less than 1/2 inch) little critter in my friend Nanda’s garden. After some research on my favorite “bug identifier site” (http://bugguide.net), I’ve discovered he/she is a Katydid nymph (Scudderia) and looks just like the ones posted in the links below:


I posted the image on BugGuide.net and got a response (and confirmation about the identity) from John and Jane Balaban in less than two minutes! How’s that for service? Thanks!

And after further research, I’ve discovered that Nanda’s flower is an Osteospermum, hailing from South Africa. The scary thing is I actually had the word “Osteospermum” in my head when I went to research what kind of flower it was. I typed in the word (spelling it correctly the first time, yay!) and my hunch was verified. Apparently I’ve absorbed more information from my massive garden book collection than I had imagined.

To narrow it down further, I think it’s the “Peach Symphony” variety. And where did I find this? On the world’s No. 1 Osteospermum Resource site, of course! http://www.osteospermum.com/

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