Blooming in my garden today: Asiatic lilies

27 06 2013

Asiatic lilies (unknown hybrid name)

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Yellow Orange Lilies

Eric’s Asiatic lily ‘Cancun’

10 06 2013

Several of these Asiatic lilies were blooming in my neighbor Eric’s garden today. I’m fairly confident that this one is called “Cancun.”

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Eric's Lily 1

Blooming in my garden: ‘Casa Blanca’ lily, kissed by the morning sun

13 06 2012

It’s no secret that I love, love, love growing and photographing different types of lilies. My favorite one is blooming in my garden now—Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’, a prizewinning Oriental lily from Holland. The blooms are huge—measuring 10-12″—and they are incredibly fragrant. Mine are growing in a large pot outside my patio doors and they return every year.

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3 06 2012

Lily (Lilium), photographed at Green Spring Gardens

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Caressed by the sun

19 03 2012

A mass of Spring starflower (Ipheion uniflorum), photographed in the afternoon sunlight at Green Spring Gardens. A member of the Lily family, Spring starflower is a perennial that spreads 6-12 inches and thrives in zones 5+. Blooming in late winter or early spring in full sun to part shade, the flower color ranges from pale blue to white, depending on the amount of sun and other conditions. Good for rock gardens, beds, woodland gardens, borders and naturalizing; hardy and drought resistant

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Re-post: A lighter shade of pale

10 02 2012

Originally posted Feb. 11, 2009

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Re-post: Rhymes with orange

19 01 2012

Originally posted January 30, 2009

For several months now I’ve been trying to catalog my images better, bit by bit (there are thousands and thousands of photos). While organizing my garden photos folder I noticed that I have a plethora of orange-hued flowers so I put together this collage of all things orange-ish to brighten your winter day.

Tangerine. Coral. Day-glow orange. Push-up popsicle orange. Sunset. Pumpkin. 70s shag carpet orange (I did window display at a department store while in college and there was multi-shaded orange shag carpet in each window. Do you know how hard it is to design around that color scheme? I covered it up every chance I got—with a decorating budget of zilch, unfortunately. I asked for $5 once for a huge set of markers and my boss freaked out).

Orange peel. Safety orange. Salmon (did you know that the “l” in salmon is silent? The correct pronunciation is “sam-uhn.” Don’t believe me? Click here).

Frou-frou-big-bowed-bridesmaid-dress-apricot (yes, I had to wear one once upon a time).

Carrot. Persimmon. Vermilion. Orange-red. Rusty can orange. Burnt orange. Tomato. Panama Brown orange (the color Dad insists his old diesel VW Rabbit was—sorry, Dad, it was orange).

After a week of designing at the computer in a cold basement, pausing only to look out at winter gray skies (save for that remarkable sunset on Wednesday), I needed a jolt of color to inspire me. What better color than orange?

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