Parrot tulip

20 04 2016

Parrot tulip (unknown cultivar), photographed at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA

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Pink Fringed Tulip lorez

Parrot tulips

20 04 2016

Parrot tulips (unknown cultivars), photographed at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA

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Three Tulips lorez


In My Heaven…

27 07 2014

One of my favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter songs is “In My Heaven.” When I’m photographing in a garden, I’m in MY heaven. This is a type of sunflower (don’t know the exact name). What attracted me to this shot was the juxtaposition of the flower stalk against the trees and the bright blue sky. A fairly wide aperture created the beautiful bokeh.

UPDATE: I think these just might be Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus).

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Sunflower Sky

Cleome (Spider flower)

30 07 2013

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Cleome lorez

Another lovely Peony…

9 05 2013

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Another Peony


13 08 2012

I know this is a type of Begonia—but it is an Angel Wing or a Dragon Wing? Any begonia lovers out there who can help?

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Closeup detail of Love-in-a-mist

2 08 2012

Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena) © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Siberian iris

13 05 2012

Siberian iris (Iris siberica)  © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Itsy bitsy

13 05 2012

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Intriguing at every stage: Love-in-a-mist

13 05 2012

From that feathery foliage at the onset to those otherworldly blooms to the past-its-prime pods (as seen here), Love-in-a-mist is eye candy in every stage of its life.

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Ornithogalum Magnum (crown)

20 05 2011

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Straw Flower

31 07 2010

I love the way the bokeh of the grasses makes the background looks so painterly. Serendipity!

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Now, if only a bug would land on this here daisy…

30 07 2010

My wish was granted! (Sorry, no ID yet on the insect—anyone hazard to guess?)

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Signs of spring

8 03 2009

The snow from earlier in the week (see my Currier & Ives posting about Monday’s snowfall here) has melted, and this afternoon I discovered the harbingers of spring—Hellebores and Crocus—were blooming wildly in the front yard garden. We had just returned from the Meadowlark 2009 Photography Expo at the Meadowlark Botanical Garden in Vienna and I had my camera handy. Jeff Evans, friend and fellow photographer, joined us for this adventure. I recently blogged about Jeff’s exhibit at Gallery West in Alexandria here. Although the show ended February 1, Jeff’s work is on display there and in A Show of Hands, a Del Ray area gallery that recently relocated to 2301 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia.

Each year I have to remind myself to look for the Hellebore blooms. These downward-facing flowers are quite shy and always hide their beauty, so when I catch a glimpse of the lime green, pink, or purple hues, I grab my camera. I posted a nice shot of one in bloom in last March here. As I plunked myself down in the middle of the bed of Pachysandra to photograph these blooms this afternoon, I was forced to assess all that needs to be done to get the garden looking good again. There’s work to be done, that’s for sure!

Speaking of the Meadowlark 2009 Photography Expo, I bought a Lensbaby Muse from Hunt’s Photo and Video‘s booth. I also discovered David Honl’s product line, HonlPhoto, at Penn Camera‘s booth. I bought the HonlPhoto Speed Strap, Gel Kit, and the 8″ Speed Snoot to use on my strobes and Nikon Speedlights. I’m always on the lookout for accessories to improve and stretch my flash capabilities. These products are reasonably priced, simply designed, and will take up very little room in my already full camera bag. Check ’em out!

I’m also debating on whether to get one of the HonlPhoto Speed Grid attachments. Read about their application on the Strobist site here. By the way, this website is an excellent resource for photographers who want to learn more about lighting!

The show continues tomorrow (Sunday) and if you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit. All of the vendors offer show prices on their products during the show. The entrance fee is $5. And don’t forget to check out the juried exhibition of photos from local camera clubs.

And after not checking the mail for two days, I discovered my Nikon Speedlight DVD, featuring photographers Joe McNally and Bob Krist, had arrived.

Photo inspiration. Photo chat. Photo gadget bargains. Beautiful weather. First blooms of spring. Neighbors out to chat. Something other than bills arrived in the mail. Today was an especially good day!

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