Milkweed nymphs

3 09 2010

Photographed at Green Spring Gardens, 9.3.2010

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Convention ’08

2 09 2008

These are milkweed bugs. I saw this unusual plant at Green Spring Gardens and thought it would be interesting to photograph up close. The pods look milkweed-like, so I’ll fairly certain that it’s a type of milkweed plant. It’s much more compact than the swamp milkweed that my friend Regina grows every year in her garden.

I sat down to shoot some closeups and noticed the first three bugs. Then another. And another. And then an entire convention of them! There were at least a hundred of them (yes, I did a preliminary count out of curiosity). Look at the teeny, tiny baby in the third photo. Check out this link for more information about milkweed bugs.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.