In the studio: Maria

12 06 2019

Maria Keffler was my first official portrait session in our first month (May) in the new shared studio space (with my friend and photographer Michael Powell).

Maria is a published author and a very talented fiber artist/pattern maker as well. Read more about her here. Purchase her books on Amazon here. She also sells crochet and knit patterns, and several of the pieces she is wearing in the photos below were designed and created by her. You can purchase her designs on Ravelry here. Find her on her Maria Keffler Books Facebook page here.

Michael and I are subleasing with another creative on a six-month basis. The price was right for a short-term commitment (and shared with Michael, for whom I am extremely grateful for helping make it happen) and I hope to shoot many more sessions during this time—and possibly be able to continue the experiment! It’s the first time I’ve had a studio space outside the house.

I’ll be announcing some studio portrait specials soon, so stand by! Visit Michael’s blog here to see his wonderful wildlife photography as well as educational and amusing narratives.

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WEB Maria Keffler Collage


In the studio: Monica

28 02 2019

This image was captured on my iPhone 8Plus in portrait mode!

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IMG_7768 WEB crop

In the studio: Anna

13 08 2011

Anna (as herself in photo #1 and playing with wigs in #2 and #3). I used my Spiderlite TD5 cool lights for this session.

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Isabel in technicolor!

4 03 2011

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Margot, b&w conversion

7 09 2010

Earlier this summer, I posted the color original of this portrait of a friend’s daughter. This one is on my top ten list of favorite portraits I’ve shot recently. When I shot film, I shot mostly Ilford b&w and loved the results I got with portrait shoots. I converted this image using b&w actions from a Totally Rad Actions set. Which image do you prefer—color or b&w—and why?

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Assignment stock project with Margot

2 05 2010

This weekend I photographed Margot again for a book cover assignment. She has never modeled before, but she takes direction beautifully! Check out my first photo session with her on these links:

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Cover girls in the Lone Star State

25 12 2008

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday I photographed friends, family and neighbors as a holiday gift. As usual I overextended myself, but in the end it was worth it (I worked seven hours on Saturday, six hours on Sunday and about two hours on Monday). I was trying to shoot as many subjects as my sister could gather in order to save time, with multiple clothing changes, poses, hairstyles, makeup, etc. I got some great shots of each of my models—I hope they like them too. I brought out the wigs and most of my models were willing to try them on. Each row is one subject. In some cases you’ll notice them with their normal hair and then wearing a wig in the alternate photo.

There’s more to come after the holidays when I’ll have more time to prepare the other images. Special thanks to my models (in order of appearance in the collage) for their enthusiasm—my niece Lauren, Emily (Allison’s friend), Allison, Carole, Allison’s sister Stephanie, Kathy (Mom and Dad’s neighbor), Sandra, Martha and her daughter Corinne, Carey (mother to Stephanie and Allison), and Diana (Carole’s daughter).

Thanks to my trusty assistants. I couldn’t have pulled it off without them—my sister Debbie (set-up, make-up, hairstyling, jewelry adviser, cheerleader, and caterer!), her friend Sandra (pictured in the 7th row with the goddess up-do hairstyle) for holding the fan to create our beach windblown hair and bringing yummy leftovers from her party held the night before, brother-in-law Bill (provided the venue and extension cords for the Saturday night sessions), Lauren (for providing jewelry, tearing out inspiration shots from InStyle magazine prior to the sessions, and offering fashion advice), Dad (for creating a huge studio in the living room and letting us make a mess in it), and Mom (for making chocolate chip cookies).

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10 12 2008

Amazing what you can do with a blank wall, a bounce flash, a pretty teenager, her mother aiming a blowdryer at her from below, my sister serving as hairstylist, and some Photoshop creativity to jazz up the background! It was a quickie shoot last year to give Tara photos to create a modeling portfolio. I didn’t have much equipment with me so I worked with what we had on hand. In a pinch, I’ve used torchiere lamps as my major light source and dealt with the inherent color problems on the computer later. Just shows you what can be done with minimal resources.

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Beaujolais, a model cat

20 09 2008

Barb and Dean, our former neighbors, friends and gracious hosts in Spokane last week, have a 19-year old Persian cat named Beaujolais. Thanks to a vet who tends to big game cats, Beaujolais is doing great these days, despite her advanced age. She is friendlier and more active than she was when Michael and I would pet-sit for Barb in Virginia!

Beaujolais has definitely earned her keep—she earned $50,000 one year modeling when she was about four years old! Barb had taken her for a vet visit and a pet food supplier told her she should have some photos made and get some modeling jobs for that beautiful cat. Barb did just that and ended up getting some gigs for Beaujie for Hallmark, among other clients. Beaujie has appeared on page-a-day calendars, greeting cards, posters, and even hit the small screen in the first-ever Advil commercial, in which she sat in the lap of an elderly woman while the woman described her arthritic pain woes. During our visit, we also learned that Barb herself did some modeling when she was younger! Like mother, like daughter.

Barb loves to tell the story of how Beaujie put Barb and her son and daughter through college that year. She pulled out some sample print pieces that featured Beaujie’s image. After showing us one of the Hallmark greeting cards, she set it on the coffee table. Immediately after, Beaujie—ever the modeling pro—jumped onto her fringed throne-tuffet and I got this shot. Serendipity!


18 01 2008

On Sunday evening I photographed my niece and three of her friends. The first series are the gals in their “natural state,” and the second batch was shot during the major wig-swap free-for-all.

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